Motion changes.
Motion creates borders.
Motion liberates.
Motion leads to stagnation.
Motion is displacement.
Motion accelerates.
Motion privileges.
Motion ignores.
Motion is a right.

Is motion a state of mind?
How to shift position, condition and attitude?
Restricted transfer or unlimited progress?
Can borders be fluid?
How do we proceed without moving?
Which rhythms are able to dissolve rigid structures?
Moving backwards or stepping forwards?

LET THERE BE MOTION focuses on motion and the dynamics behind it for a period of one year.

LET THERE BE MOTION goes beyond the physical components of motion and enables alternative interpretations of its meaning from artistic, philosophical and sociological perspectives.

LET THERE BE MOTION works together with international artists and thinkers and follows them around the term motion. The project addresses ideas of movement, change, progress, acceleration and stagnation.