Some Name Some Noun Simply
at Scriptings, Kameruner Str. 47, Berlin-Wedding
30 March—2 April 2017

Language as a system of power. Spoken words as embodied language. Native tongue versus non-native tongue. Words from the past and words from the future. A software to project future languages. Theatricality and democratic processes. One singular language or creole plurality. A new Latin or a new Patois. One English or multiple Englishes.

Thursday, 30 March 2017, 8 pm
Screening of PDGN, a short film by Nicoline van Harskamp, followed by a conversation with Aykan Safoglu

Saturday, 1 April 2017, 6—8 pm
Workshop 1: Conversations on cultures of naming

Sunday, 2 April 2017, 11 am—1 pm
Workshop 2: Conversations on cultures of naming

Nicoline van Harskamp’s work considers acts of language through video, installation, and scripted performance. Since 2013, she explores the widespread use and modification of the English language by its non-native speakers. The work addresses the political import of linguistic developments, pointing out how our use of language is consistently entrenched in structures of class and power.

Some Name Some Noun Simply departs from van Harskamp’s 2016 short film PDGN, in which she presents a future where a link language is spoken that is built up from the ‘ruins’ of global English. The artist created this film by applying distorting factors to existing non-standard English. These ‘distorters’ include characteristics of English currently spoken between non-native speakers globally; rules of link languages created in fiction; and traits of Creole languages from the past and present. Together with the designers, she is currently developing a software that automates the process of distorting English.

The screening on 30 March will include the film PDGN and several chapters from van Harskamp’s project Englishes. She will also present the most recent version of the language distortion software at work. In group meetings on the subsequent Saturday and Sunday, the artist will interview people from various language backgrounds on different cultures of naming. Signing up is possible through

In the Autumn of 2017, van Harskamp will stage a piece in a distorted English for a live audience for the first time. A short play, set in an undefined place, time and culture, will be structured as a naming ceremony. She will develop the script with the input of locals and with the language distortion software.

Nicoline van Harskamp (*1975) lives and works in Amsterdam. Her films and performances have been shown at BAK, Utrecht and De Appel, Amsterdam (both 2016); Kunstwerke, Berlin and Tapies Foundation, Barcelona (both 2015); Sydney Biennale (2014); BMW Tate Live Performance Room, London (2013); Manifesta 9, Genk and Frankfurter Kunstverein (both 2012); 4th Bucharest Biennale and Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (both 2010), among others. Currently, van Harskamp works as professor for Performance Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster.

In collaboration with Scriptings and fluxus² e.V.
Supported by Botschaft des Königreichs der Niederlande