Normality is boring.
Normality is spectacle.
Normality is construct.
Normality is authentic.
Normality is elitist.
Normality is fair.
Normality is norm.
Normality is relative.

What is normality?
Who defines what is normal?
Is it worth celebrating the ordinary?
Is 2016 the year of anti-individualism?
Does normality allow change?
Is the mass a place for recreation?
Is normality safe?
What comes after normality?

LET THERE BE NORM focuses on normality and its particularities for a period of one year.

LET THERE BE NORM examines a term, so anchored in daily language that it is never being questioned.

LET THERE BE NORM works together with international artists and thinkers and follows them around the term normality. The project looks for the average and its divergence, and accepts inconsistencies.

LET THERE BE NORM addresses everybody. Normality is not exclusive.